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Assessment of Treatments, Studies on Reversibility, and Performance of Innovative Restoration Strategies and Products


Swiss roundel: repaired with leads
© Glasgow Museums
Swiss roundel: repaired with adhesive
© Glasgow Museums

Swiss roundel, 1671, with scenes from the Life of St Francis (Burrell Collection, Reg N°. 45/530). Before and after restoration, involving epoxy resin to replace old strap lead repairs.
Note: These restorations using epoxy resin were carried out about 30 years ago and so are a valuable indicator of the effects of constant museum display in an artificially-lit display gallery on the long-term ageing of epoxy polymers.
(Courtesy of Glasgow Museums)

The project is supported by the European Commission

A project supported by the European Commission under the 6th Framework Programme
Priority 8.1: Policy-oriented research Area 8.1.B.3.6: The protection of cultural heritage and associated conservation strategies
Contract No. 044339
Duration: June 2007 - May 2010